Wes Walters: the art of the pre-cursor

Guest Curator: Domenico de Clario in collaboration with Ren Walters.

Born in Mildura in 1928, Wes Walters was an artist who practised many disciplines. Throughout a long career he was at once a graphic designer, portrait painter, sculptor, draughtsman, printmaker, abstract expressionist and landscapist. In the post‑war era in Australia Walters defied the linearity of the specialist stance that most Australian artists took up, revelling instead in manifesting visual and artistic ideas in whatever discipline he decided would best articulate them. In so doing, Walters’ diverse modes of creative expression may be seen as a precursor to the multi‑disciplinary practice currently defining the approach of countless contemporary artists.
Viewers of Wes Walters: the art of the pre‑cursor will gain an appreciation of Walters’ unique approach to creative processes and a sense of his unorthodox yet logical practice.

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Wes Walters: the art of the pre-cursor (the studio)
Exhibition: Saturday 8 December – Sunday 3 March
Museum of Innocence Mildura, 33 Deakin Avenue, Mildura