Waste Not, Want Not

Valarie Robinson is a trained teacher and artist who exhibits her textile art nationally and internationally. 
Over many years she had shared her skills and inspiration with local students and crafters, branching out in more recent years to artworks in many other media, including inks, paint, and a feast of multi-media combinations.

Artist’s Statement:

“Historically, ordinary folk in society had little disposable income, so that a penny saved was important. No chain stores of consumer goods to lure dollars from the pocket.  An old adage ‘Waste, want not’, encouraged thrift.  The contemporary version is ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’.

It is so easy to buy new as we require materials, but with the emphasis on reducing the stash in the studio I have reused and recycled previous themes and projects to make new works, adding text to enhance.

Watermarks of rivers and dry lake beds seen from above are perpetual fascination and are revisited in this exhibition on recycled papers.  Inks, water and salt create their own serendipitous landscapes.

I reflect upon pioneer women and their thrifty use of every type of goods: the dress worn till threadbare, was reused, cut down, or re-made for other uses.

Within the cross section of the trunk or branch, bark and rings, markings and patters of the tree are rich with possibilities for machine stitching, using a variety of scrap fabrics.

Though there are 24 small pieces in this exhibition there appears to be no reduction in the studio stash!”