Trashion Parade

November 2018

Each year the Christie Centre run a creative competition called Trash to Art, where members of the community are invited to enter an artwork made from Trash. The final exhibition and announcement of winners was held at Gallery F.

Mildura Fringe decided to leverage on this event as sustainability, upcycling and eco consciousness are prominent themes of interest. Mildura Fringe co-hosted a Trashion Parade as part of the Trash to Art opening night.

The Easy Browns- a truckstop chicken jam band from Melbourne entertained the crowd, along with local artist Walter Ison performing his David Bowie Tribute show, and Canberra based slam poet CJ Bowerbird performing.

Two categories – best op shop outfit and best trash outfit, and many hand-made upcycled trophies were awarded. The event was successful in bringing together creative communities with diverse abilities to mingle, laugh and bond.