For the month of April, Gareth Hart, our new Executive Director, occupied the museum of innocence. Equipped with pots of tea, dark chocolate, curiosity and connections, Gareth spent the month getting to know Mildura. The people, the places, the hidden secrets and the beloved treasures.

They invited the community into the gallery, to share, and contribute.

Maps are these really fascinating objects, that both hint at was has been, and show us the way to go. Throughout April 2019, Arts Mildura built a social and cultural map of Mildura.

Memories, people and stories are written directly onto the gallery walls. At the end of the project, the imprints are left on the wall, and painted straight over. A further way to imprint the stories of this community into the physical building itself.

To contribute to this evolving map of the community.
To shape a psychology of place.
Bringing stories, histories, ideas, and friendships.

The exhibition and project featured three clusters:

  • people and memory
  • place and memory
  • found objects

Throughout the month, Gareth collected more than 300 memories, names, textures and impressions on the wall. The images below are only a small selection of the incredible notes left on our walls.

As part of this project, we hosted a large community dinner in the gallery, on Wednesday 24th April, from 6:30pm.

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  1. This sounds like a very inspiring project which can reach out to the community. Best wishes.

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