Little MAP Mildura

21 July at 12:00

A 12 hour durational performance event and intriguing live art experience at the museum of innocence mildura.

Traces of Transformation

The theme for MAP Festival is ‘Traces of Transformation’, which speaks in direct correlation of a desire and universal need for performance work that speaks of regeneration through a rekindled past and traditional practice still passed down through generations. Boldly moving forward, capturing the imagination whilst harnessing the potentials offered up by both the collective and the individual. It aims to take each individual thread, to then weave these into a tapestry of knowledge, color and life.

At MAP, artists present individual and collaborative works of art that incorporate the experimental. They produce on-site works and performances that are profound, empowering and transformative to the audiences who witness them. The artists play a vital role in this mental and spiritual shift.

Who are MAP Artists?
MAP artists traditionally are independent artists from all cultures spanning the local and global. They include accomplished professionals as well as emerging individual voices in dance, performance and visual art, music and multidisciplinary practices.

One challenge is to allow the festival to morph naturally and to meet with transitory support. So ideas are meet with the imminent reality. In reality, the festival has its own way of cutting its of path and it is futile to resist. The response from artists has been overwhelming and the wealth is still in within the artistic exchanges the artists bring and the long-term relationship that is monumental in its effect to the artists creative possibilities.

This may sound like an artists’ festival and it is, however it also presents to the spectators a richer and diverse palate of creative works away from commercial and often homogenised market of art production. From individual experiences and wealth of artists from all cultures and life paths, is a strong human message for positive transformation and a love for art, irrespective of culture, beliefs and religious differences. MAP provides platforms for a collective of individual and independent voices and long-term relationships.

Entry by gold coin donation.