(IRL) In Real Life

With our gallery doors closing once again due to renewed Covid-19 restrictions, we decided to lift the veil on our windows instead. So much of our lives take place digitally during the pandemic, but so much of the art we make and absorb remains physical.

Taking a lead from the socially-distanced art of shop window displays, we turned the museum of innocence’s front windows into a gallery within a gallery. Responding to the reality shared by many artists this year, of impacted opportunities to share their work in three dimensions, we invited four local artists and art collectives to exhibit work that did not make it into the world as originally intended due to the pandemic.

Each  two weeks from 15 August to 14 November, a new exhibition will be on display in our windows, rotating every second Thursday. We invite the community of Mildura to include Arts Mildura, 31-33 Deakin Avenue, on their daily exercise, shopping, or takeaway coffee routes and enjoy an experience that has become all too rare in 2020 – that of the exhibition in real life – together but apart, in our gallery windows.

Featured artists:
15-20 August: Susan Dimasi (fashion)
22-27 August: Josh Taylor (sculpture/painting)
29 August – 3 September – ArtRageUs artists (weaving & drawing)
5-17 September: Geoff Brown / Gareth Hart (mixed media)

Second round
24-September – 8 October Luci Callipari-Marcuzzo, Ann Callipari and Christian Marcuzzo (textiles)
8-29 October Students from Sunraysia TAFE (weaving)
30 October – 12 November Sara Hancock (mixed media)
12 -24 November Kerryn Sylvia (sculpture)

(IRL) In Real Life Current #6


Week 6 | 8 – 29 October, Students from Sunraysia TAFE (weaving)

Hi, we are the Certificate II & III in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Arts (ATSICA) at SuniTAFE.

Earlier this year we collected natural reeds, bark, gum nuts and seeds as part of our sculpture unit. We then processed and dried some of our natural products to use in our weaved baskets.

The students in ATSICA have completed some amazing work this year. Many of them have found their identity and have grown into bright emerging Indigenous contemporary artists.

(IRL) In Real Life #5

Week 5 | 24 September – 8 October, Luci Callipari-Marcuzzo (intergenerational textiles)

Title: Threads trace the past, present and future.1954-2020

The works in this window display have been co-created between myself, my mother Anna and son Christian. They tie our multi-generational practices together, forming a polyphonic dialogue. Before migrating from Italy in 1954, Anna had hand-embroidered biancheria (linen) which she crafted in her youth for her corredo (glory‐box or trousseau). I have added into these works, hand embroidered words, eredità (heritage) and vita (life), Tracciando fili del passato (Tracing threads of the past), and ricordo i fili (remember the threads). The crochet collaborations called Performative Enactments started in 2017 and are now ongoing. The car (2015) and the basketball (2017) are embroideries created by my son Christian. His work is inspired by his own ideas, interests and popular culture.

The threads which started in Italy all those years ago, still weave through our lives connecting us back to a moment, a time, and a place. Our family, through these intergenerational works, has been able to keep not only a craft and a skill alive, but also that special connectedness of sharing knowledge and memories. These contemporary visual forms therefore allow our family to share with you those treasured moments.

(IRL) In Real Life #4

Week 4 | 5 – 17 September, Geoff Brown & Gareth Hart (mixed media)

Title: PIZZA – extra-large, with the lot, 2020

Dictionary definition:
noun: excess; plural noun: excesses

An amount of something that is more than necessary, permitted, or desirable.
Similar: surplus surfeit overabundance superabundance superfluity oversufficiency profusion plethora glut too much more than enough and to spare nimiety remainder rest residue remaining quantity overflow overspill leftovers remnants leavings extra difference residuum.
lack of moderation, especially in eating or drinking.
exceeding a prescribed or desirable amount.

(IRL) In Real Life #3

Week 3 | 29 August – 3 September, ArtRageUS (weaving, drawing)

Title: ArtRageUS, 2020

ArtRageUs is a program of the Christie Centre Inc. which provides an environment allowing people of all abilities to express themselves through visual and performing arts. Artists freely explore their own interests and themes through their art with qualified arts instructors on hand to offer assistance and guidance when artists feel it is needed.

The work on display was created in a 2019 weaving workshop with Wentworth artist Anne Hedericks. Twigs and small sticks gathered from the bush were used as simple looms on which various coloured wools and found materials were woven in free-form fashion. The artists then used the weavings as inspiration for a series of drawings and paintings.

(IRL) In Real Life #2

Week 2 | 22 – 27 August, Josh Taylor (sculpture)

Title: “Work with what u got”, 2020

The way I work is an exercise in convincing myself that I can make what I want to make without restraint – haunted by notions of good taste, fine and low art- I’m interested in playing with and defying the boundary between ‘artist’ and ‘illustrator’, mucking with clichés of fine art, lowbrow shock and kitsch corporate illustration to create an identity-deprived mess.

(IRL) In Real Life #1

Week 1 | 15 – 20 August, Susan Dimasi (fashion)

Title: Orange Empress Curtain Dress, 2018

Orange Empress Curtain Dress, 2018 was originally created for Hong Kong Design Week and revisited ideas that underpinned early practice about technique and process to build a design language. The Curtain uses MBP’s ‘doled template’ which approaches technical garment pattern-making, like making a drawing. The effect was at first hand drawn onto cloth with liquid paper pens but can be printed, knitted woven or applied in embellishment.