Arts Mildura is excited to announce our first exhibition post covid-19 stage 2 lock down, home2020. Arts Mildura has commissioned 8 local artists to create work in direct response to the lived experience of enforced isolation by the Victorian Government which came into effect 25th March 2020.

Through the mediums of photography and the written word, the project asks artists to interrogate their current home environment. Each artist will capture 1 photograph per day for 20 consecutive days, and write 20 words to accompany each photograph.

These reflections (both photographic and written) will be exhibited as the ‘relaunch’ exhibition when it is safe to reopen the museum of innocence Mildura.

Our current experience is one of both an immensely global nature, as well as a deeply personal one. We are globally united through our experience of living through this time of COVID-19, and yet we are experiencing this pandemic on a deeply intimate and personal stage: that of our homes. Ultimately, with global borders closed, the majority of people confined to their own houses, and a radical redefinition of the function and form of our homes, the project poses a creative response to the question: ‘what is home?’.

Politically, home is a very loaded term in Australia.  You cannot consider the idea of ‘home’ without raising ideas about colonisation, migration and geo-politics.

Arts Mildura is micro-commissioning the following artists to create responsive work for this project.  These artists include:
Domenico de Clario
SianLee Harris
Filomena Coppola
Luci Callipari-Marcuzzo
Anjelie Beyer
Anne Spudvilas
Oli Gasperini
Rachel Kendrigan (writing)
Exhibition opens: Thursday Jul 2nd