Connecting with community

In light of the current global health pandemic, Arts Mildura reached out to our community, in solidarity and support.

We were interested to hear from the creative community around what this current experience meant for artists, what the creative community were missing the most, and what opportunities we might create to support them.

Through an online community forum, a public survey, and one-on-one conversations with our creative leaders, Arts Mildura has been able to respond nimbly to community need.

We heard a few key points from our friends, including:

  • artists are looking for ways to stay engaged with practice, from home
  • there is a giant social connection hole in our lives at the moment – we are used to gathering in order to share exhibitions, projects and performance
  • artists have lost significant income throughout this period
  • this opportunity has allowed us to connect more deeply with our personal lives: our homes, our families, our gardens  our and selves
  • artists are resilient, focussed, and will lead us into the future

In response to listening to our community, we recently launched the second in a series of responsive programs. Please read all about home2020 here.