FACING out is both a statement of resilience, a moment of defiance, and the simple yet profound act every LGBTQI person encounters: how to face out to the world, as our true selves.

As our summer 19/20 exhibition, it was a reflection and celebration of our LGBTQIA+ community. Portraiture is more than just a face.  It tells a story of intimacy and reveals hidden histories of the subject.  This contemporary portrait exhibition captures the spirit and story of Mildura’s queer community – and the negotiations we make to be seen for who we are.

This project was born out of a shared desire to celebrate and empower our queer community. Over three separate sessions, with three photographers, members of the LGBTQI+ community came together and shared personal narratives of lived experience, whilst also having their portrait taken.

The result? An insightful, powerful, playful and sometimes quirky insight into the personalities behind the faces.

Far from a tradition portrait show, this exhibition sought to show the outtakes – the images that show us something of ourselves, and in doing so: our shared humanity.

We are here. Facing Out.

Thankyou to our partners: Ian Seal from Many Coloured Sky / the Three for All Foundation, Mallee Pride and all of the participants from the workshops and portrait sessions