FACING OUT portrait workshop

FACING OUT is a portrait exhibition highlighting the strength, resilience and diversity of LGBTQIA+ people, community and experiences in Sunraysia.

The exhibition will feature portraits of three types:
– “traditional” photo-portraits that clearly identify the subject
– portraits in which the subjects are wearing masks they design themselves
– “empty frame” portraits that use words rather than photos to describe the subjects

The masked portraits are for participants who are not comfortable, or not able, to be “out” publicly.
They can create a mask that hides their identity and also tells the viewer something about their experience and life.

We are now calling out to the LGBTQIA+ community to participate in a mask workshop and have their portraits taken.
Come along, make a mask that represents you, and be part of this important project and exhibition.
The portrait/mask workshop will occur on Saturday November 2nd.
– Click for event info –

If you would like to participate anonymously, please contact manager@artsmildura.com.au
Your response will remain strictly confidential.

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