COVID-19 update

August 2020

Well. Wow.

What a time we are in. We are saddened by (but of course respectful of) the need to re-shut Arts Mildura during this second wave of COVID-19 lockdown.
Our thoughts and hearts go out to this community, and the countless others around the country doing it tough right now.

We were so thrilled to reopen our creative program to you all, and had already experienced the power and reflection that comes from contemporary art offerings – the month of July saw audience engage with our home2020 project, as well as two powerful indigenous exhibitions within Gallery F.

Whilst it is disheartening to re-close after working so tirelessly to pivot our program (post stage 1 lockdown), we know we will see you again soon.  When it is safe to do so.

All our best to you and yours.

June 2020

In line with best practice, and the easing of government mandated restrictions, we are thrilled to announce the reopening of our galleries, and the Arts Mildura building.

In the interest of public safety, the following conditions will be in place when you enter the Arts Mildura creative hub:

  • All patrons are expected to sanitize hands, using the provided sanitizer at the front desk
  • Any patrons displaying flu-like symptoms are politely asked to return after symptoms have disappeared
  • All building patrons will be required to give a first name and phone number upon entry
  • Patrons are asked to limit their visit to the galleries to 30 minutes
  • We will be restricting the total number of patrons in any room to a maximum of 1 per 4sqm. (40 people in mim, 10 people in gallery F)
  • We will be regularly cleaning and sanitizing communal building areas – including benches, door handles, bathrooms, etc

We care for our audiences.  And we want to welcome you all back into the building, and ensure you that Arts Mildura is a safe space for all.

If you have any need to contact us about this, please reach out via

March 2020:

There is much to consider in the world right now, and many people are feeling like we are entering into a strange new world. Perhaps we are.
At Arts Mildura, we have taken a few vital steps in support of our arts industry and precious creative ecology. These include:

AM response to current situation (which will evolve as the situation does):
– confirmation of all programming going ahead, delayed only by the length of building closure – thus much of our 2020 program will become our 2021 program
– an upfront 50% payment of any artist fee/commission we were offering for 2020 programming (even those well in advance), to assist artists experiencing severe income loss
– Coordination of a community-wide, artist-led conversation around new ideas for programming and support in Mildura and surrounds. Prioritising an artist-led conversation & response, over an organisation-led project
– Continuation of commitment to casual and contract staffing
– A rent-free period has been offered to all studio tenants within our community arts hub
– a one off ‘mental health’ payment for staff: a cash payment to assist with anything considered needed for good health – skin care, a book, a session with a therapist

When we announced the immediate (yet temporary) closure of the Arts Mildura building, we cited the reason as being our ‘social and ethical responsibility’ to this community.  All of the responses above are similarly made because we feel we have a responsibility to our community, our artists and our staff. We hope by publishing our positionality on these responses, that other organisations and businesses might continue to consider their own responsibilities amidst the COVID-19 situation.  Many of these responsibilities were things we might not have considered our own a month ago. These are different times, and this demands that organisations do things differently.


Creatively, Arts Mildura has commissioned 8 local artists to respond, through art, to the current experience of enforced isolation. Read all about the project, home2020, here