Conversations with my non-existent self / Mel Castleman

Mel Castleman
Gallery F
Sep 4 – Sep 29

Official opening Wednesday 4 September, 5:30 pm


Artists’ Statement

Where do I exist?  And who am I?

These existential questions aren’t what give me anxiety, it’s quite the opposite.  It’s the everyday mind chatter that causes that.

We all do it, so much internal dialogue.  Who is doing the talking?

The sense that I am a part of something much bigger than myself keeps me grounded.

Art making can be such an individual pursuit though, and often doesn’t leave space for connection between the maker and the viewer, so I invite you to become involved in the process.

I’d like you to try and read the words here as if it is you talking to you.  You will interpret them  your own way anyway.

Don’t think too hard, there’s nothing to ‘get’, you’ve already got it.

For the few minutes it takes you to read these words, have your own quiet conversation.

Use the sticky notes to leave your mark and re-arrange the boxes behind you to make your own snippets.

Send me photos of your conversations.

Talk back.

Mel Castleman

0487 337 456