Connections in the now

Our 2019 Artist in residence, Laura Cionci, reflects on ideas of connection, temporality, choice and chakras.

Connections in the now.

Far from all external thoughts, I’m attempting to distance myself from a community that should gather itself closely in order to generate courage. Everything ends up in the cauldron; the best and the worst. I have stopped checking the internet, reading posts and looking at videos and photographs. I no longer read interviews, opinions on the latest socio-political trends, polls, articles, reflections. It’s like a gigantic ball made of all this material that’s now frying my brains. I also avoid chat rooms, video calls and messengers and as soon as I smell any redundant discussions I run off. This attitude might seem selfish and individualistic, it probably is, but it’s an efficient safety valve that in time also helps others. I can no longer sustain the echoes of voices who so similarly and relentlessly focus on the outer world. I can vaguely see from behind the curtain, it’s hardly feasible for me to signal from the stage, a web of wires and cables circle as do thoughts aligned to a past that no longer belongs to us. It’s all simply just a venting and no more. Like a river in flood no longer controllable it will, sooner or later, overwhelm the next village and destroy it. It continues to massively flow to the outside. Everyone speak of everything, knows everything, has an opinion on everything and must absolutely feel like they can pronounce who is wrong and what is wrong. All seemingly must say and repeat what is not going right. But once we empty each centimeter of our inner life to the outside what then remains inside? When we constantly analyze the world order what might shift inside us? The point is, what is the choice one makes for oneself? It should surely be the best one. One cannot choose the worst for oneself. Who can offer me the best choice for self-action if not myself? How do I need to live this moment? I want to live it in the best way possible. If my approach to another fulfills me what might be the best and most fulfilling way to approach myself? So I work on my actions and these are focused on myself. I manifest a thought and this is turned towards me; how do I feel goodness, what makes me love myself. There is no one more important than I. What can really change when I venture outside myself in order to codify the behaviour of others during this moment? I am impotent. Automatic reactions to the outer world, constructed in order to allow ourselves to live our daily lives, no longer make sense. And please be aware that I am not speaking about what we might do, how we might behave and what we might consider regarding the future. NO. I am speaking of NOW. Always in the now. If I can remain within doing so always enables me to help the other. Working on myself amplifies my power and this strength, and even if I’m physically distant from others, it always reaches its goal. What is outside, what others say, what are the major reflections? Well, in this moment I simply want to clarify my own ideas, not for others but for myself. There is no form of love greater than the love one feels for oneself, so that eventually one may consciously share it with others. I cannot face up to any discussion that involves the future. I might be exaggerating but in this moment I simply do not want to do it, because I would be wasting one of the few moments in my life that can be dedicated entirely to thinking only of myself and of the present moment. I’m firmly fixed to the present, the past appears as a clear dream while my journey takes place in the present.

I do not believe in coincidences. I haven’t for some years, because I have searched for answers so breathlessly that in the end I did come up with an answer that accounts for both the simplest and most complex things: causality does not exist. And similarly words do matter. Words create vibrations that change cellular realities. Words have significance, even more when they gather around a collective, global consciousness. Like the word CORONA. It’s all so fascinating, what an extraordinary exchange of identity this world has experienced. Let’s examine it from an invisible viewpoint, almost an energetic one. We are speaking of the microcosm in order to examine the macrocosm, we are speaking of the chakras that manifest within our bodies but that also reflect our surrounding world. Let us focus on the seventh chakra, called crown chakra (corona in Italian and Spanish), the last of the body’s seven energy centres, located on top of the head. It’s the entry point of all of our vital energy that nurtures the body in all of its dimensions. It’s the direct connection with the divine, the energetic centre of our intuition, the mystical reign, the spiritual space. The seventh chakra is also connected to a sacrament and to a sefirah. ( )

The sefirah of the seventh chakra is called KETER, which translates as CORONA. Oriental spiritual traditions refer to this chakra as the crown chakra as if, in some way, even through a global pandemic, the world has entered the seventh chakra’s phase, the final, highest, the most spiritual, the final reckoning, the fork in the road. The sacrament related to the seventh chakra is the extreme unction. The virus is clearly associated with death, but above all, in a distorted fashion, to the fear of death that is generating panic, the true enemy of this final ‘immortal’ global community. On a symbolic level this chakra represents a kind of final resolution of the ‘unresolved questions’, or the different paths we may have taken. A kind of inadequacy that becomes acceptable if one accepts the choice that has been taken, without worrying about the ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’, always speaking of course through the micro/macro relationship, through a collective reckoning. At some point in our lives we must choose, we are at a crossroad. We might perhaps have some regrets but we must allow the part of us that might have taken a different path to wither and die. Here death refers to a radical transformation, to a choice that profoundly changes our lives. In this choice the less I hang on to the material aspects (the past, the community, vertical thought) the better, and the more I can embrace KETER, the most invisible yet most spiritual component (the invisible virus) the better I will feel. This kind of spirituality does not include religion (the external, collective way of reasoning) but the absolutely individual one (internal, profound, intimate). This chakra points to a precise moment: TO LIVE IN THE PRESENT. Only in the present can I be more conscious of an individual spirituality, inexplicable because impossible to translate into language. This research and this connection to our most intimate spiritual aspects can destabilize us, distress us even, because as we connect with the highest aspect of self we identify every weakness we must correct, and then one can only sink into the quicksand in order to discover the treasure beneath. How much work awaits us, how much work! We cannot waste even a second, we must make the most of each moment of this incredible situation. We cannot afford distractions; actually there are none, because even if we had them they would not change the actual state of things, the situation as we find it, as we live it. So we sink and immerse ourselves within ourselves in order that we might be filled at the time of most need, when we must share it with others. One must focus on individual choices because this is the global moment we find ourselves in; the earth’s seventh chakra, not geographic but temporal. A time in which we are asked to choose whether we will inhabit either an ethereal space or a material one. The axis will continue to shift towards the dimension of the former, and it’s up to us to either choose it or not.

Laura Cionci

Translation: Domenico De Clario.