101 The beginning of infinity

Arts Mildura warmly welcomes artist Laura Cionci to our in residence program

The number 101 has many meanings for this artist, deep meanings that have accompanied her throughout her life. The number appears in particularly intense moments. At this moment of her Australian journey she has arrived at the house that hosts her, and its street number is 101. Mildura represents for this artist a transitional territory.
Laura has begun a journey through the desert to Uluru and the Olgas, searching for aboriginal healers, ancient rituals and ancestral wisdom.

Her search for such truths comes from a need to know and understand alternative medicine as a way of curing her illness: cancer.
She feels a deep need to become knowledgeable and to understand how this illness develops, not only as a physical event but as an energetic and psychological rupture, as trauma.
Her path towards such knowledge began in Colombia a year ago and continued in Italy. In Australia her meditation on such matters resumes in Mildura.
And here the number 101 begins to take form; 1 describes the beginning of this journey as she arrives in Mildura, carrying with her past experiences; 0 describes the passage, the transformation that takes place as she moves towards central Australia; and again the number 1 describes her return to Mildura, where she is both the same (1 once more) but also completely transformed through her experiences.

The project unfolds further inside the walls of MIM where the audience may view aspects of the journey that has taken her from Perry Sandhills two years ago through to Colombia, and then, transformed, once more back to Mildura.
Outside MIM Mildura’s community is invited to participate in an itinerant ceremony that allows each individual to become part of a single body committed to the energetic cleansing of its own city through a collective transformation.
This might describe an inclusive manifestation of the number 101, which ends in the visual narrative that may be seen on the walls of MIM, comprising the entirety of the artist.

One might say: one saves the world through saving oneself.


Read Laura’s writing on connections and temporality here.

left: still from video Twinlight, 2017